Thursday, May 10, 2012

WEEK 14: The End

Hi everyone!

So here it is the last blog for the semester and for sport coaching pedagogy!

I remember the beginning of the semester and thinking ‘sport coaching pedagogy.. . Far out, I don’t even know what pedagogy means or how to say it’, I finish the unit in week 14 with a brain full of different coaching aspects that I can use in the future.

This unit focused heavily on social media which I particularly enjoyed, which unit allows you to write your own opinions and reflections down every week and that be it? The lectures were different to boring slides as Keith being very copyright-aware used predominantly pictures and just talked off those.

A big thank you to our lecturer and unit convenor, Keith, for being so technology-savvy and being able to upload lecture recordings from iPhone! Thank you for making this unit so different and so enjoyable.

Hope everyone has enjoyed reading my blog! I looked forward to being able to rant to you for the past 14 weeks!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

WEEK 12: The Expert Pedagogue

Hi Everyone!

I really enjoyed today’s lecture espicially about Keith’s story which goes along the lines of a boy who got 1% on his test, but got 100% effort. He took this under his stride and began working towards getting better marks. 

The expert pedagogue in my mind, is some who not only teaches but also listens. By hearing what Keith had to say about Coach John Wooden, I think he is the expert pedagogue. To have the admiration of so many people for what he dedicated his life to is amazing! 

Just a quickie today..hope everyone is well!

Donna :)

WEEK 11: Planning Programs

Hi everyone! 

 As a third year in Sport coaching and exercise, it’s great getting a little refresher on planning training programs. What I’ve learnt over the past couple of years, I have adapted in to my own training program and I’m sure many others in the course have as well.

There are so many principles such as specificity, reversability, overload, strength, strength endurance, aerobic endurance, mobility, speed, speed endurance and power. Depending on what you want out of your program, fit it in with a periodised program. Planning Macro-, Micro-, and Mesocycles and having a break here and there is totally fine and can actually improve your workout.

Along with other factors such as volume, frequency and intensity, it is SO important to have a carefully planned program so you or your athlete get the best results.

I remember we did periodised program for another unit, and I hated making it! If anyone wants to do one for me, feel free! 

Other than that, hope everyone is still cracking on, the end of the semester is ALMOST here!

Donna :)

WEEK 10: ProduSing resources for coaching and teaching

Hi everyone!! 

Firstly producing and produsing are two different things, took me a while to get my head around this one! The definition of produsing is: 

 In collaborative communities the creation of shared content take place in a networked, participatory environment which breaks down the boundaries between producers and consumers and instead enable all participants to be users as well as producers of information and knowledge - frequently in a hybrid role of produsur where usage is necessarily also productive. 

I think in a world where people are surrounded by soical media, we’re all fall in to the hybrid role, where we provide information and we also use the information given by others. 

So i’ll be a little produser now and have a read at this article about the effects of interval training and patients with COPD.

Donna :) 

haha.. had a good laugh at this. Enjoy! 

WEEK 8: Class Free :D

Hi everyone!! 

Hope your all having a brilliant week off..hopfully starting/smashing/finishing our first assingment!! 

I decided to focus my presentation on Interval training and the benefits surrounding this sort of workout. I love love love interval training, so talking about it for a couple of minutes was easy! Tell you what though, I hate the sound of my voice on this presentation! Tell me it’s not just me.. haha.. 

Donna :)

WEEK 7: Sharing and Presenting Information

I really enjoyed Keith’s lecture this week, particularly with a focus on the program Dartfish and social media. 

Dartfish is a program that biomechinists, sports scientists, or even students use to analyze a particular movement. It can be used for coaches to review their athlete’s performance and thus make improvements. In 2011, for an assignment in Biomechanics, we used dartfish to analyze a specific sporting move. It was so interesting just to learn about this program that can break down a movement and how we can include this if we choose to become sports scientists. 

Another focus of the lecture was based on social media. I’m not sure about you but I am addicted to Facebook. It’s an easy way to stay connected to friends, share information, and also get the latest news. Other social media portal’s such as twitter and tumblr are also very good in keeping people connected. I believe there’s no way better than to communicate with other than through social media. The way it has a hold on us, I believe will continue to grow for the future and people should get on board or be left behind. 

Thanks for reading!! 


P.s. Finally a certified BodyStep instructor!! Now to keep on practising and finding my own class!! :D 


HI all! Sorry to be such a stranger, found all my posts as drafts so just uploading them now..

Donna :) 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sports Coaching Pedagogy 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

WEEK 6: Performing, Reflecting, and Mentoring

Just a little reflection of this week’s lecture; 

One of the main topics that came up in the lecture was the difference between a role model and mentor. Anne Rolfe sums it up in a quote, ‘A mentor provides information, shares their experience or expresses an opinion. However it is always the mentee that decides, acts and produces outcomes.’ Whereas a role model is a person that you look up to. 

Saying this, I am SO lucky to have Kris, not only as my Bodystep instructor but also as my mentor. Having more than 20 years of experience under her belt, she gives me the most honest opinion, she shares with me what she has learnt in her stepping years and she encourages me to be better and better each week for the participants. But saying that, I also see her as a role model, one day I want to be where she is, and to work my way to be better instructor. Who knows maybe this will lead to international presenting! :D 

If you havn’t tuned out of my rant, this is a pretty good read about successful mentoring relationships:

Anywho, hope you have had a brilliant week!